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We have now relocated to Dubbo Specialist & Rehabilitation Centre,

205 Darling St, Dubbo. Same people, same phone, new home!

diet under the microscopeAt Macquarie Natural Health we offer evidence based complementary health services within a functional medical framework, using more than two decades of experience of helping hundreds of people with their health. 

Our focus is you. We listen to you and your stories, working with the goals you have for your health.

Our job is to identify the interaction between your genetics, environment, diet and lifestyle - factors that can influence a range of health complaints, complex chronic diseases and general wellbeing.

Whether it is simple information you’re seeking regarding healthy eating, weight loss, chronic health issues, nutrition, eating styles, food intolerances, stress management, through to more complex health issues, our consultations and range of services are designed to suit your needs.

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