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Gut Health Consultation

Gut Health Consultation Adult & Child

This appointment involves a comprehensive health questionnaire that will outline your health priorities.  The focus of the appointment is to look at eating styles (your diet) that best suits your current digestive system (your gut). Additional advice and treatment for your digestive health will also be offered and access to prescription only, high quality research based supplements. This will include advising on the best fibre, prebiotics, probiotics and symbiotic that will suit your needs. Your appointment will take 30 mins and paperwork must be completed prior to your consultation.

If you are wanting to focus on your digestive health and want to gain evidence based and effective guidelines to a happier gut, this appointment is for you.

If you are a Hydro cleanse client this is a great way to assist in your treatment and get the best results.

 Your consultation will include:

  • Health appraisal questionnaire. This questionnaire provides a clear overall picture of the priorities in your health. This must be filled out prior to appointment.
  • Weekly food diary and symptoms to be completed prior to consultation
  • Discussions about presenting condition and desired outcomes
  • Report on gut health assessment and advice and recommendation of fiber, prebiotics and probiotics
  • Diet advice and access to recipes and meal plans
Gut health questionnaire      Food diary sheet       Health appraisal questionnaire