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Optimal Weight Program

Macquarie Natural Health uses one of two programs that is suited to your needs. After your Initial Consultation you will either enter LCHF Diet or hCG Protocol.

  • LCHF – Low carb, High Fat approach to nutrition is a very effective way to assist people to shed unwanted fat stores. It is targeted at resolving insulin resistance, while not restricting calorie intake or create nutritional deficiencies.
  • hCG Protocol is a very successful fat loss program based on Dr Simeon research into obesity. This protocol is designed for people experiencing insulin and leptin resistance. In other words, if you are carrying excess body fat that won’t shift with sensible healthy eating and exercise, then this program is for you. The optimal Weight Program will not only reduce your unhealthy fat deposits, it will also help you discover your food triggers and understand the foods your body thrives on. The program will take 6 -8 weeks.
  • Bioimpedence machine – each week you will be able to access our body composition machine that will assist in keeping you up to date with your progress. The Bioimpedence machine is able to measure your fat, muscle and fluid breakdown.