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What We Offer

Initially, all clients have an initial consultation involving a thorough health questionnaire(s), ordering of pathology testing if needed, discussion about specific eating styles and proposed program.

Depending on your needs, after your comprehensive consultation you will either access Follow-up consultation, Gut Health Consultation, Food Coaching or our Weekly Food Workshops. We also offer Online appointments

With all treatments, we like to cover the following core areas

  1. Clean eating, digestive health and food as medicine.
  2. Eating styles – Individualised eating styles are often prescribed depending on gut health, allergies, food sensitivities, metabolic issues and genetic interplay.
  3. Biochemical individuality - we are all individuals and require treatment appropriate for our genetics, age and our environment. Diagnostic testing is the best method in assessing biochemical individuality.
  4. Clean living – removing unnecessary chemicals and pollutants from our day-to-day life.
  5. We are all about patient centred treatment rather than disease centred. Our role is to assist you and empower you to take responsibility of your health.
  6. We assess and educate you about the importance of your internal and external environment (body, mind, and spirit)
  7. Detoxification – the ability to detoxify effectively is vital in health recovery and maintaining wellbeing. Understanding your specific needs provides much better health outcomes.

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