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Weekly Food Workshops

2019 kicks off our new addition to MNH services. We are offering weekly food education and recipe sessions at three different times slots per week. Simply choose a time slot that suits you. These workshops are designed to be informal, groups of 2-7 and you will watch our food guru Merrilyn Craig go through 3-4 recipes per session, you will have time taste, laugh and take home knowledge and the recipes from the class.

We are starting the year with three session per week;

Monday    6.00 pm - 8.00 pm

Thursday  9.30 am - 11.30 am

Thursday 1.00 pm - 3.00 pm

The session topic will be the same for the week and every week a different topic.The topics will rotate from month to month, however each repeating topic will have different recipes. For example: Healthy breakfast, Lunch boxes for kids, Healthy eating on a budget, Detox tips, Food as medicine, Meal planning, bone broth and what to do with it!

Each session is $65 plus GST

Contact us 02 6882 2322 or enquiries@macquarienaturalhealth.com.au

Future dates and topic


Thursday 29th August         Breakfast

Monday 26th August           Breakfast

22nd & 25th July 2019        Broth

15th & 18th July 2019         Menu Planning

8th & 11th July 2019           Snacks & Lunches

1 st & 4th July 2019            Breakfast

24th & 27th June 2019        Broth

17th & 20th June 2019        Menu Planning

13th June 2019                    Snacks & Lunches

3rd & 4th June 2019            Breakfast

27th & 30th May 2019        Broth

20th & 23rd May 2019        Snack and Lunches

13th & 16th May 2019         Breakfast

6th & 9th May 2019             Menu Planning

29th April & 2nd May 2019 Bone broth making

22nd & 25th April -             Public Holidays

15th & 18th April 2019       Breakfast

8th & 11th April 2019          Kids Snacks & Lunches

25th & 28th March 2019      Bone broth & what to do with it!

18th & 21st March 2019       Menu Planning

11th & 14th March 2019       Breakfast

4th & 7th March 2019           Kids snacks and Lunches

25th & 28th February 2019   Bone broth & what to do with it!

18th & 21st February 2019    Kids (and big kids) snack & Party Food

11th & 14th February 2019   Menu Planning

4th & 7th February 2019       Breakfast

28th January 2019 -               No sessions due to public holidays

21st & 24th January 2019     Kids (and big kids) Snack and lunches